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“Our mission is to always put our clients’ interest first and to provide the personalized attention and service they deserve as a member of our client family."

Tracy joined the financial planning industry in 1999 and moved into the independent wealth management industry by starting his own independent practice in 2002.  Early in his financial planning career, he realized how much he enjoyed helping people, especially those individuals who were facing decisions regarding their retirement.  "When I first joined the financial planning industry, I noticed that many people were asking the question, ‘How do I retire?’ and the industry did not have adequate answers.  I started searching for those answers and focused my practice around providing solutions for people facing retirement decisions.”

Richard has spent his entire career in the financial services industry.  The first thirteen years were with the same regional bank.  After completing the bank's management program, he developed a knowledge base from the consumer, business banking, corporate finance and investment lines of business.  While serving as Controller of the investment services arm of the bank, Richard developed an interest in financial planning.  In 2003, he joined the bank's Wealth Management division as the Senior Financial Planner for North Alabama.  "As I would work through a client's financial plan and get to retirement planning, I found myself searching for something more than what my planning software was providing.  It was not until I met Tracy that some of those answers started to fall in place.  His approach to retirement planning resonated with me.  I discussed this concept with a client who had been forced into early retirement.  His response confirmed that Tracy's approach would resonate with others as well."

In 2007 Tracy and Richard joined forces and created what is now Lentz Thompson Retirement Advisors.  Their main focus is on providing solutions for today's retirees. Lentz Thompson Retirement Advisors use The Income For Life planning process to create tailor-made, personalized and comprehensive plans for each of their clients to help assure them they will not outlive their money.  This comprehensive process includes strategies in retirement planning, income planning, estate and tax planning, long-term care planning, and risk management.

"We want each of our client relationships to be life-long and mutually beneficial to such an extent that each person we work with becomes a Client for Life!"

Our Approach

Our Approach

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Our Team

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