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<strong>Step 1</strong>

Step 1

Free Initial Consultation

We offer an initial complimentary consultation in which we decide if our services are a proper fit.

<strong>Step 2</strong>

Step 2

Data Gathering

Once the decision to move forward is made, we will take time to get better acquainted with your present situation.

<strong>Step 3</strong>

Step 3

Strategy Development

We believe that developing a holistic plan that considers multiple strategies will allow you to make wise decisions with your wealth.

<strong>Step 4</strong>

Step 4

Plan Presentation

We take the time to present our recommendations to you and then allow you ample opportunity to consider the path you want to take.

<strong>Step 5</strong>

Step 5


We take the initiative to help you execute the strategies we mutually agree are in your best interest.

<strong>Step 6</strong>

Step 6

Plan Updates & Adjustments

We closely monitor your progress toward your goals and adapt your plan as changes in life circumstances, financial markets and laws dictate.

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