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Why should I choose Lentz Thompson Retirement Advisors?

We have built our firm on the premise that each individual who entrusts us with their financial future becomes a “Client for Life.”  We approach that task with the same care and thought we would for ourselves and our own family members.  The delivery of customized financial advice and exceptional service is fundamental to the long-term success of our clients’ wealth management plans, and thus, our practice.  Long before the term fiduciary became the focus of the financial services industry, our advisors have always strived to make wise decisions that are in the best interest of our clients. 

Lentz Thompson Retirement Advisors is affiliated with one of the largest networks of independent wealth management firms in the United States.  For our clients this alignment translates to our firm having access to vast resources to meet your financial goals and objectives.  We are provided the tools we need to build your plan with no sales quotas or hidden agendas.

How do I compensate you for your services?

First, we are very intentional in the transparency of what you will pay as we believe that our integrity is worth far more than any amount of money.  We are in business for the long haul and believe that the trust of our clients is the foundation of the long-term success of our firm.

We will provide a complimentary consultation to determine if our firm can meet your needs.  For those that choose to become part of our client family, our goal is to best align our compensation with the long-term success of your customized financial plan.  If that planning results in the management of your investable assets, we structure our compensation in such a way that we are rewarded when your wealth increases and get paid less when it goes down.  If we do not provide the exceptional service we promised and you leave, we no longer receive any compensation.  On occasion, we are hired solely for the delivery of financial advice and are paid a mutually agreed upon flat rate.  In some cases, through the implementation of our client’s risk management plans, we receive compensation through commissions from the insurance carrier used to meet our client’s goals.  We take extraordinary steps to make sure you are fully informed of fees and expenses you will pay.

Where can I check out your record as an advisor?

We have a link on our website to BROKERCHECK, a free service provided by The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA.  This link will allow you to research our background and experience, as well as that of LPL Financial, the broker-dealer firm with whom we are affiliated.

What does it mean that you are "independent" and how does that benefit me?

As an independent firm, we provide financial advice under a Best interest standard of care.  Simply put, we work for you not for any firm that requires us to push unnecessary products or services.  The solutions we implement are a direct reflection of your financial plan. Among the benefits of working with an independent advisor are:

  • Customized planning with solutions implemented to meet YOUR goals

  • Your success equates to our success - our incentive is to provide you with exceptional service that is responsive and personal

  • Transparency of fees and expenses with no hidden agendas

  • A third-party custodian, separate and distinct from our firm, will safeguard your financial assets

What is a Fiduciary? 

In the financial services industry, the term fiduciary means an advisor who seeks to minimize and disclose material conflicts of interest, provide transparency and to abide by the level of trust placed in them by their clients. Key concepts for fiduciaries to follow are to place their clients’ best interests before their own and to act in good faith by providing all relevant facts to clients so that clients can make the most informed decisions.

Do you prepare taxes?

Lentz Thompson Retirement Services does not offer tax preparation services.  We have an advisory relationship with G. Ray Breeden III and tax preparation services are offered through Alford, McKenzie & Breeden, PC or other CPA referrals.

*Alford, McKenzie & Breeden are unaffiliated with Lentz Thompson Retirement Advisors and LPL Financial.

Do you help with estate and elder law planning?

Lentz Thompson Retirement Advisors is able to provide general advice and strategies regarding Estate & Elder Law Planning.  However, we are not licensed legal advisors.  We have relationships with Estate and Elder Law attorneys in our area and are happy to refer you to their services.

Can I see my accounts online?

All of our account custodians provide some type of online access.  In addition, we are affiliated with eMoney Advisors and Albridge Wealth Reporting, which both provide our clients with consolidated online access of their investment and retirement accounts.  Also, most custodians now allow for paperless options for statement delivery and correspondence.

How are my privacy and identity protected?

Protecting our client’s privacy and identity are essential to the success of our firm and will always be a top priority.  We have implemented security measures at our office and for our online activities to help insure the safety of sensitive client data.  In addition, our broker dealer screens any outside vendor we use for our client accounts.  

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