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Our approach at Lentz Thompson Retirement Advisors follows these principles:

 We build extraordinary client relationships.

We are deeply committed to developing strong relationships with our clients.  We love to hear about our clients’ families, passions, hobbies and vacations in addition to understanding their financial goals and challenges.  We view our clients as family, and we strive to serve them so well they become clients for life. 

 We consider everything.

We don’t just look at how to structure your investments.  We consider everything that could have an impact on your retirement wealth, such as your health, cost of living increases, unexpected life events and more.  Our retiree centered approach helps our clients find solutions designed to work for them. 

 We are independent.

Compared to warehouse financial professionals, we are not tied to any proprietary products.  We are not motivated to sell a certain solution or the one most profitable for our firm.  We recommend what we truly believe are the best options for each client.  We are an affiliate of Securities America, Inc., which is one of the nation’s largest independent wealth management firms with more than 2,600 independent advisors and $55 billion dollars in client assets under management.  Visit the Securities America website to learn more.

 We value your trust.

We appreciate the tremendous amount of trust and confidence it takes when you decide to entrust us with your financial future.  We approach that task with the same care and thought we would for ourselves and our own family members.  The delivery of exceptional service to our clients is fundamental to our client-focused practice.

 We simplify your life.

We also recognize that most people not only desire someone they can trust, but also someone who has specific expertise.  Most people seek our advice to help them navigate what can be a very complex decision and to manage what is (or will be at some point) their most significant financial asset.  We help you focus on the truly critical aspects of your plan in order to clarify your options.  We then implement solutions we both agree provides you the best opportunity for the long term success

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