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Our Ideal Clients

 Want to align their financial resources with what they most value

 Believe in the concept of fair compensation for diligent work and dedication

 Are cordial in their personal & professional relationships

 Have high expectation of client-focused service

 Are able to focus on and remain committed to long-term goals

 Trust professional advice

 Have accumulated investable assets & desire to have them professionally managed

 Are high income earners and/or high net worth individuals

 Value family, quality of life and community involvement

 Are reasonable in their expectations of market growth

What's Next?

At Lentz Thompson Retirement Advisors, we create a roadmap for every individual, no matter where your journey begins. Retiree, divorced, widow or widower, heirs? Come meet with us so we can discuss your situation and get started on creating the ideal plan that meets your needs.

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